Print Post. Selling your art your way

Print Post is a bespoke Cloud-based print fulfilment service helping you to show, print and profit from your artwork, anywhere in the world, any time – with all the benefits of fully encrypted file transfer, live-feed sales data and a transparent payments system

Print Post is different
here’s how

Uploading your high res images to the Print Post Cloud opens up the worldwide web, presenting your artwork to an international customer base and creating valuable royalty-based revenue streams.

There’s the added peace of mind that with Print Post, your fully encrypted images are 100% secure at all times, meaning your copyright is always protected. It’s your artwork and it stays yours.

Print Post is your print room, product management system and online supplier, transforming your portfolio of images into a bankable asset: wall art, fine art, photo prints, posters, canvases and more.

You select your range, you set the prices and you specify your sales territories. First class printing and fulfilment is supplied as standard.

Print Post: selling your art – your way.

You’re in control

Curate yourself: you choose which of your images to promote and you specify where they sell and who to. Sales territories, suppliers and product specifications to suit – it’s always your call.

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Live-feed dashboard

Data is king and you’ll always be on top of your sales with our live-feed dashboard, which helps you track your sales royalties 24/7. Because you always know what’s selling where, in what size and format, you can tailor your offer accordingly.

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Total transparency

With Print Post every online sale earns you royalties. Thanks to our guarantee of 100% transparency, you’ll know exactly how much, every sale you get.

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Quality guaranteed

Embedded ICC profiles mean your prints will look just the same – by which we mean just as good – wherever in the world they’re printed.

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Total security

Sure, printers need your image files to produce an image but with Print Post you retain complete control of the file. Encoded files are transferred via a tunnelling protocol, meaning once the job is done, the file is, well, gone. As there’s no trace of the file on the printer’s hard drive, no reprints are possible.

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Ecommerce Integration

Many artists operate their own ecommerce solution. No problem – we’ll connect up to your webshop and handle fulfilment. Every parcel we ship out will arrive at your customer’s door with your own branding, packaged to your specifications. Your customers need never know our name.

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Buyers worldwide

As your best partner, Print Post presents your image bank to leading retailers and online stores worldwide, and art lovers everywhere. And as soon as an order is placed, we set to work.

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Expand your portfolio

It couldn’t be easier to manage your image portfolio via the Cloud. Customise your range to offer more of the artwork that sells best online and capitalise further by creating more pieces in your most popular styles.

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The Print Post promise

Our mission is to match your amazing creativity as an artist to sales opportunities worldwide. We’ll always advise you on print media, proofing and answer any other questions you have, while at the same time ensuring that your work is fully protected with no risk to your image and intellectual property rights.

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You’re in Control

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Getting started

Here’s what we need…

Files & formats

We accept a wide range of file formats – TIFF, JPG, PNG and PDF. The higher the resolution, the better (just ensure it’s a minimum of 300dpi).

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Tailor your product

Need advice on print specifications and product availability? Any member of our specialist team will gladly guide you. Every artwork you sell will be produced to the same standard and specification wherever it’s made.

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Connect up with online marketplaces everywhere

Connect to and sell via your own online store and / or create a content library on multiple ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Our API can connect seamlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, ebay, Etsy, Not on the High Street, and many more.

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Access your personal API dashboard

Review Worldwide Sales: once your account is set up you can see how your artwork is selling and where, with an overview of your royalties on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Crunch the stats

Track which are your top-selling prints and match them to the best markets for your work – plus many more features to help you maximise profits.

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Bank your royalties

Talk to the Print Post team to set up the right payment options and terms for you. Our focus is to ensure that you reap the rewards of all your talent and hard graft.

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