Artist of The Month -RYCA

Artist of the month for July is the very talented RYCA. Ryan Callanan from the UK is a well established artist who combines both Street and contemporary pop art. RYCA took part in our questionnaire, check out his responses;















  1. When did you first become aware that art was going to be a big part of your life?

I realised I could be an artist when my income from art eclipsed my day job wages. Up until that point it was just a hobby.

            2.What was the first ever piece of art you created?

Ona Islam. An anagram of Mona Lisa, its basically a Muslim version of the famous painting.

            3. Who or what was your biggest influence from the beginning?

The making of thriller by Michael Jackson. The special effects and cinema trickery was my first fascination.

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  4. Who is your favourite artist you follow today?

Favourite has to be Kaws.

             5. Describe your art in 3 words?

Quantitiy, Quality, Pop

            6. Do you do much digital printing? If so what is your preferred choice?

Innova Smooth Cotton High white

            7. What are you currently working on?Any Exclusive information?

A few special things happening and on going things with Fatboy Slim 😉


           8. What do you have planned this year? Any shows you can be seen at?

A show in Chicago in November, possibly London at the end of the year.

           9. Are there any different mediums you are willing to explore in the future?

Metallic digitial printing, and the use of your new flatbed looks good.

           1o. Where can people find you artwork for sale?

Various galleries online and around 🙂 Google Ryca or Ryan Callanan.

instagram: @ryca_art



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RYCA is one of the most talented and humble artist we have ever had the pleasure to work with, and we wish him all the best in the future. Keep the support going and we look forward to seeing  many more of his creative pieces in the coming years….